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vations Dance Academy


Ballet is the basis of all dance styles and participation is encouraged although not required. Ovations staff has been trained in French (Vaganova), Italian (Cucheti), and Russian (RAD) principles of training, and combines elements from all styles into their core curriculum. This provides its dancers with a richer knowledge of classical training, and ensures dancers learn at a pace that is proper and not detrimental to their growing facilities. Ovation’s provides the perfect experience for the recreational dancer and superior training for children wishing to be a professional dancer. The ability to adapt to any style of ballet is the main goal of the Staff at Ovations. Classes include technique, Pointe, variations, and partnering


Pointe training follows the same guidelines as our Ballet curriculum. Students are asked to join our Pointe classes and selection is on a one on one basis. Children are usually asked around the age of 11/12; depending on muscle development, bone structure, and general knowledge of ballet technique.   It can be earlier or later than the age guidelines show as some children are ready at an earlier age than others.


Jazz is a classification of dance shared by a broad range of styles. It branches out to modern jazz, technical jazz, traditional jazz, and the creative jazz of the future.  These styles are expressed by isolations and syncopation of head, shoulders, ribcage, feet, and arms to show off personal style and execution. Jazz incorporates a series of jumps, sequence turns, leg extensions, and an array of styles.  To excel in jazz, students may wish to add ballet in their curriculum, for the technicalities are reflected in this style of dance.


Lyrical utilizes the movements of jazz at a slower pace while modeling the technique of ballet. The dancer strives to find certain fluidity within the music to seek deep expression within them and while portraying these feelings through their bodies to tell a story. The form of dance requires flexibility, strength and a strong sense of music.


Hip hop is a form of musical expression and artistic culture that originated in New York City by African- American and Latin communities during the 1970’s. What separates hip-hop from other forms of dance is that it is often a freestyle nature, from the moves to the movement; we keep up with the most up to date styles and genres of music. Here at Ovations we teach the foundations of hip-hop. We teach choreography which is freestyle in a slower pace. We blend popping, locking, isolations, breaking, grooving, house and freestyle all in one so that each individual student is strong in each element of hip-hop. Musicality is very important; it is the ear of music. Our teachers are dedicated to making sure every student learns how to be on beat and in motion. Even in hip-hop class stretching is crucial before the class begins because the muscles of the body have to be warmed up to prevent injury.


Tap dance is distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. The terminology is important in this form of dance. Each sound has its own identity to support it.  In the 19th century the tap shoe was made with leather sole, which did not make sounds. Over time the metal or tap was placed on the ball and heel of the shoe. Music is not a priority in this form of dance for the sounds supply a tune. The students start class with  a  warm  up  consisting  of   foot   and   ankle techniques to perfect sounds. The class continues with a variety of tap combinations. The interesting thing about tap is one can just listen to the dancer tapping and identify each individual sound.


Acrobatic training uses balance, control, and strength. It takes determination and discipline.  Students are trained to start with basic tumbling and as they mature more difficult elements will be presented. Other styles of dance can be essential in this form. Acrobatics contains a portion of the class for conditioning and muscle strengthening. Also included in the program is contortion and partner work. This is a more interesting component to the visual aspect of acrobatics. Having these skills can support a dancer with many job opportunities and to be well rounded in the profession.


At this age dancers are just learning how to strengthen their bodies. Ovations implements a ballet based warm up appropriate for proper muscle development.  As the child’s body awareness progresses other forms of the technique are introduced. With ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical, students are now maturing into the ever- expanding and exciting world of dance.


Pre- Dance class is an introduction to basic ballet positions while also touching on technique and terminology for jazz and tap. Creative movement follows the same etiquette of pre-dance without tap; the children learn the basics of tumbling while touching on ballet and jazz technique. Students use their creativity, imagination and self-esteem in a friendly family atmosphere. Dance class allows the dancers to enjoy the fundamentals of dance along with interacting with music, props and basic movement. Students learn the foundation of different dance styles while they have fun and interact with one another in the classroom to help build social skills, confidence and personality.


For our little ones that have begun walking and are just starting to intermingle with other children we have created an environment for our younger dancers not quite ready to experience classroom time alone; we invite our parents to work together with their child in the classroom as one. The students and parents  act  together  with the teacher, while learning ballet, jazz, tap, creative movement, social skills, numbers, colors and much more in a fun and playful social environment. Throughout the year we help the children build up their confidence. Our ultimate goal before the end of the year is to prepare them to have their parent leave the classroom and interact amongst the other children alone. This also helps to build their personality to perform on stage at the end of the year performance. The joy of watching the excitement on their faces is priceless.


Learn to perform choreography from hit Broadway musicals from all over the nation. This class teaches the basics of stage performance and singing. This fun unique class combines all aspects of Broadway performing including acting, dancing and singing (both vocal and non vocal). Students are educated on the fundamentals of dance, staging and theatre techniques.


In a private class setting of just a half hour to forty five minute meeting once a week students will learn the basics of healthy singing, with ear training and vocal exercises to build the vocal cords. Singers are educated about the musculature involved in a strong healthy vocalization. Each student will learn a vast selection of songs including Broadway, Pop, Country, Lyrical, Folk , Rhythm & Blues and together we will identify their strongest styles. Weekly usage of microphone technique will teach the student about how to incorporate a microphone to improve their sound. Students will learn how to present each song as a finished piece for Shows, Competitions and Pageants. Classes will culminate with an end of the year production with the “Ovations Yearly Production”.


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